Date: T.B.A.

Venue: T.B.A.



Wada - Memories and Caity

Mitwa Abhay Vandana

As Pune has rich historical background till today you can find 200 years old building if you walk around the old city. Now a day, lot of them are being reconstructed. I am looking at memories in these places and what do these narratives do. (on going project)


Death of a Slum

Julie McGuire

After years of legal wrangling but with only a few hours final notice, bulldozers moved into the 15 acre site at Ejipura, Bangalore, to demolish the homes of 1000+ EWS families to make way for a new shopping mall. My images document the impact on their lives during the first week post-demolition.


Trash Trail (Resubmission)

Mithun Kumar

I went on a day long trip organized by an organization called Daily-Dump. It was a tour about what happens to the garbage that we throw, and how all that waste really comes back to us, knowingly or unwantedly. This is a photo-essay about what we don't know hurts us. (Resequenced the submitted pics)


Stories of Humanity and Hope

Sarvpriya Dewan

This work presents the stories of humanity - of faces behind the camps run by Jaipur Foot Organization for providing free artificial limbs, calipers, wheelchairs, and other aids to the beneficiaries worldwide; of struggle and joy of beneficiaries; of the hope in many things yet to be done.


Killing Kittens

Andrea Fernandes

In this body of work, the artist reflects on her experiences, combining cultural taboos that treat women’s sexuality as acts of transgression with a religious heritage that regards the body as innately impure and unworthy.



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