Date: T.B.A.

Venue: T.B.A.



The People of Detroit

Noah Stephens

The mission of TPOD is to use vivid portraiture accompanied by earnest, engaging essays to reform the public notion of what it means to live in Detroit. The project thereby serves as a counterbalance to national and global media coverage fixated on desrepair and disrepair in the storied city.


Norbert, A Chimney Sweep in Berlin

Nora Mandray

Short documentary about Norbert Skrobek, a chimney sweep in Berlin, Germany.


Arch In Texture

PD Rearick

I believe in the levity of gestures. A comedic performance in a commonly overlooked place is an optimistic way to address a fundamentally serious subject. It’s more important to dance with rather than be overwhelmed by the setting. The humorous act restores a site’s utility with deadpan dignity.


AM Radio: an experimental documentary

Aaron Guay

This piece retells the U.S. '08 presidential election with a soundtrack compriled of live recordings taken from AM radio broadcasts taken that day. AM RADIO offers not only a profound commentary on the city of Detroit,but of the United States, and the diverse nature of the world we live.


Writing on the Wall

David Clements

In this slideshow, I focus on signs and murals that employ religious-infused script to proselytize, or hyperbole and humor to advertise. The folk artists who create these murals, signs and graffiti are often anonymous, but they are sometimes recognizable by their style or signature.


  • Amy Senese