Los Angeles

Open Show LA #41: LACP Members Show @ dnj gallery

July 27th, 2017

07:30 PM - 09:30 AM

dnj gallery

Bergamot Station, 2525 Michigan Avenue, Suite J1, Santa Monica, CA 90404



California Dreaming

Qin Zhang

It started with the question of what makes people feel connected to a place, to nature, and to the world. It seems that we feel connected to something if it responds to our views, ideas, or to our “dreams”. But there is only one world. So, are there commonalities in our dreams?


Marks On The Lamb - The View From Here



Fractured New Work

Michael Kirchoff

The images in this presentation are all newer work shown within the context of the umbrella theme of, Fractured. This work is all created using discontinued and expired Polaroid film, and is representative of many collections from Michael Kirchoff. Images from three collections will be shown.


Through A Cloud Of Noise

Rob Grad

In this series of simulated multiple exposure photographs, I found people in the street having a private moment in public. I wanted to highlight and call attention to the act of self reflection. Internal dialogues. With the pace of life today, this ability is becoming an endangered resource.


Orchard Trail

Michal Greenboim

A few years ago I began creating pictures. when I gathered up all the images and studied them,I realized that subconsciously, I had been photographing my childhood. The pictures before me held deep memories of curiosity, of innocence and wonder. When I look at them I am reminded who I truly am.


  • Jonas Yip
  • Richard S. Chow