San Diego

Open Show San Diego #6

October 19th, 2017

06:00 PM - 09:00 PM

Museum of Photographic Arts: Joan And Irwin Jacobs Theater

1649 El Prado, San Diego, CA 9210

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Five curated presenters have 10-15 minutes each to introduce one project/body of work. We welcome diverse topics ranging from documentary to fine art. Open Show is designed to be an interactive forum where audience members are encouraged to give feedback and ask questions of the presenters, both formally and in a social setting.



The Acting Hand

Brian Van de Wetering

This series examines how we attribute responsibility for the death and destruction in our lives. We all feel drawn to imagine some intent behind these events whether random, accidental, or intentional: an Acting Hand. This hand comes to life in my series of vignettes depicting unfortunate events.


Bosch Redux

Lori Pond

I take details from the many tableaux inside Hieronymus Bosch


Animistic Ground

Robert Treat

These photographs are the result of a grant to photograph Volcan mountain.


Narrative Images / Narrative Texts

Charles Ingham

These photo-narratives explore invented spaces, alternative histories, and visual fictions. Hybrid forms, they transgress distinctions between the verbal and the visual. At times not obviously illustrating a single narrative, the works challenge viewers find their own narratives within each piece.



Giorgia Ori

SiN + Nth is the addition of two separate factors.


May 3rd, 2018 Open Show San Diego #8