Open Show focuses on locally organized events that create a powerful feedback loop between the public, partner organizations and creators (photographers, filmmakers and multimedia producers).

A few points that guide our organization on both the local and global level:

Get great work seen.
Great projects shouldn't be hidden in shoeboxes or buried online. We create live forums to bring context to compelling work, connect audiences and spark professional opportunities.

Engaged storytelling.
We give the public a rare chance to talk directly with creators. Our low-barrier and free shows allow anyone to ask about a project's technical process, hear amazing backstories and more.

Conversation creates community.
Open Show is a social umbrella, connecting diverse organizations and individuals through rotating venues. We shape unique experiences that foster visual literacy and action on social issues.

Learning at every level.
Visual storytellers from students to seasoned professionals gain valuable presentation experience and practical feedback to sharpen their craft and project vision.

Appreciation leads to support.
A public invested in creative and documentary work encourages demand, which in turn creates professional opportunities and more powerful work.