What We Do

Open Show organizes live social events worldwide where the public can experience compelling visual stories and interact directly with photographers, filmmakers and multimedia producers.

We have four main formats for different audiences and venues: Social Screenings, Open Show Presents, Open Show for Good and Pop-Up Shows.

This is Open Show’s core event format, which features 5 projects, either a 20 still image project or 3‐8 minute film with live audience questions and feedback.

Open Submission
Five different presenters from students to award-winning professionals show a project based on narrative, topic or single visual style. We curate for diverse genres including reportage, art, commercial, historical and more. Both completed and works in progress are accepted. Collaborative projects are also welcome.

Theme Shows
A few recent examples:

Master Series
A platform for professionals with 20+ years of experience to give back to the community by talking about their life and work experiences. The presenter shows five significant projects spanning their career, so participants can see how their style and approach has evolved.

Living Histories
This initiative aims to include librarians, archivists, history buffs, photo collectors and others as presenters to resurrect work and stories by photographers who are no longer alive. Interested in presenting? Contact us here >>

Our cities work with film producers of independent films and documentaries for unique live screenings where the public can interact with the film director and crew.

We also tend to partner with a non-profit connected to the film’s topic as a joint fundraiser such as our Restrepo screening in memory of Tim Hetherington with the National Geographic and San Francisco Film Society to benefit the Committee to Protect Journalists.

We partner with one or more non-profits to raise awareness around a specific social issue. Some recent examples:

We collaborate with film, photo, art, community and other festivals to add Open Show’s unique format to the program schedule within larger-scale events. All our team needs is space to project – we bring the presenters, curated projects, audience, and volunteers. And we cross-promote to reach new audiences together.

A few festivals we’ve organized events at include:

Looking for unique stories to attract and animate a live audience? Have an idea for collaborating with your organization? Our archive is deep and we can curate to make your event crackle with visual and interactive content.
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