Our local teams rely on our fantastic venue partners to create Open Show magic.

The majority of our venues waive any rental fees to give back to the community and ensure Open Show's social screenings are free and open to the public.

Our local Open Show team provides:

  • Marketing to promote the event and you!
  • Collection & curation of all work
  • Volunteers to set up & check attendees in
  • Hosting the show
  • Clean up crew

Venues provide:

  • Space and seats for 50 – 150 seats (chairs, benches, lawn, etc.)
  • Projector table
  • 1-3 tables for food/drink/materials

Optional items we appreciate:

  • Projector & screen
  • Promotional support
  • Speaker & mics
  • Food & drinks

You are welcome to talk for a few minutes at the beginning of the show about your organization's activities and how the audience can be involved. Also marketing or informational materials can be put out at the sign-in table.

Example of venues:

  • Universities
  • Creative agencies
  • Non-profits
  • Museums
  • Galleries
  • Commercial studios
  • Co-working spaces
  • Community centers
  • Public libraries
  • Media outlets
  • Performance spaces
  • Local theaters
  • Press clubs
  • Privately owned spaces (gardens, converted parking lots, etc.)
  • Festival or other large-scale events
  • Outside spaces (parks, sides of buildings, etc.)
  • Corporate theaters or event spaces

Interested? Contact us below with your address and other details!